Gordon Bull
"I coach business owners to be the best they can be."

As a result they make More Money and have More Time and Feel Good while doing it.

Gordon Bull
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I am Gordon Bull and I have spent over 40 years helping business owners thrive.

Originally as CEO of a successful firm of Chartered Accountants and for the past 15 years as a registered Shirlaws Business Coach, I established the business coaching practise, GD Business Coaching & Advice, with the vision of enabling business owners to achieve their dreams more easily. I help business owners make better decisions every day to get to where they want to be in a shorter time-frame and in a more certain and confident way. My personal vision is to make the world a better place through equality of opportunity and for business owners to make the best of themselves.

In recent years I have adapted some of the coaching materials to work with Charity CEOs and have enjoyed success with helping their leaders to create more sustainable and operationally excellent organisations.

Talking to someone who is independent, objective, knowledgeable and with Business Acumen can help you think differently about yourself and your own business, organisation or idea. I provide a compelling combination of my considerable business experience, Shirlaws tools, frameworks and other well known business models that will get you on the path that is right for you. My aim is to help you to be clear about exactly what to do and when, enabling you to have more time, make more money and feel good while doing it.

All you need to start is to be curious, so take a look at the ‘What is Coaching?’ FAQs page and please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Gordon Bull in discussion with a client

Here are some of the questions that I often get asked.

How can a business coach help me grow my business?

This would start with “why do you want to grow?” “What are you trying to achieve and what will this give you?” Questions like this will help you identify the ‘why’ and give you clarity on what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

How can I learn to run my business more efficiently?

I will teach you how to run your business more efficiently, and am confident I can do this because I have considerable business experience as a Chartered Accountant and I combine this with a set of proven tools and frameworks that will result in you having the skills and confidence you need to run your business better. The Shirlaws frameworks in particular are timeless, extremely easy to understand and can be applied to a business of any type or size to great effect.

What am I going to do with the business?

Succession planning is one of the most significant challenges a business can face and many owners effectively sleep-walk into it with disastrous consequences. Having a Business Coach involved will enable you to clarify what the best course of action is for you personally and your organisation.

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We started our coaching over 10 years ago

It’s incredible to think we started our coaching over 10 years ago!! I remember sitting at one of our sessions and you saying that when we have all things aligned that we’ll make our target profit and we proudly finally did last year. It’s been an incredibly challenging year but with your help we were the most United we have ever been. I genuinely think about you and your guidance every single day of my life and still have the original company ethics you helped us put together in exactly the same place on the wall in my office.

Sean Coughlan
Director, Coughlans Bakery

Gordon has an ability to make the complex seem straightforward.

He has coached me through some challenging events and situations with positive energy, professionalism and with a sense of realism. His ability to engage with me as a client sets him apart from other coaches.

Lisa Turan
CEO, Child Brain Injury Trust

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The benefits have been transformational.

For the past four years we have worked with Gordon Bull as our business coach. From March 2020 like most businesses, we had to adapt to change and transition in response to challenges brought about by the global pandemic. We increased the frequency of our coaching sessions from four times a year to once a week and the benefits have been transformational.

Mark Sarfo-Kantanka
Owner/Co-Founder, Cellar Door Group