Gordon Bull, founder of GD Business Coaching & Advice, has spent over 40 years dedicated to helping business owners thrive.

Originally as CEO of a successful firm of Chartered Accountants and for the past 15 years as a registered Shirlaws Business Coach, he established the business coaching practise with the vision of enabling business owners to achieve their dreams more easily. Helping business owners make better decisions every day to get to where they want to be in a shorter, more certain way.

Talking to someone or a group of independent, objective, knowledgeable people with Business Acumen can help you think out of the box about your own business or idea. Gordon will provide a compelling combination of his considerable business experience, Shirlaws tools, frameworks and other business models that will get you and your business on the right path. Gordon’s aim is to help you to be clear about exactly what to do and when, enabling you to have more time, make more money and have less stress.